Mâcon-Villages Les Sardines

Blend of different vineyard and parcels.

Grape variety : Chardonnay

Clay and limestone soil. 

Mâcon-Fuissé “Les Tâches”

A 0.45 ha-parcel located on Fuissé, planted in 1996.

Grape variety : Chardonnay

Clay and silty soil on surface, very red and clayey deep down. Rocks sizing round 100 cm.

Mâcon-Solutré “Clos des Bertillonnes”

A thirty-year-old vine on 0.40 hectare located on Solutré-Pouilly.

Grape variety : Chardonnay

Limestone, sandy marl and shallow soil.

Saint-Véran “Les Pommards”

A 0.75 ha-parcel located in Davayé and about forty years old.

Grape variety : chardonnay 

Limestone soil with clayey and marly banks on a 60 cm-depth.

Pouilly-Fuissé “La Croix”

Small fifty-year-old parcels scattered on 4 hectares in Fuissé.

Grape variety : chardonnay 

Silty and schistose soil on volcano-sedimentary rock, thinly broken into 30 cm to 180 cm plates deep down.

Pouilly-Fuissé “Le Clos Reyssié”

Fifty-year-old parcel in Chaintré

Grape variety : chardonnay

Clay and limestone soil 

Pouilly-Fuissé “Les Reisses”

A sixty-year-old vine on a surface of 0.50 hectare located in Fuissé.

Grape variety : chardonnay 

50 to 80 cm-deep clay soil.

Pouilly-Fuissé “Cuvée Claude Denogent”

80 year-old vines located on “Les Cras” (Fuissé).

Grape variety : chardonnay 

Brown and rocky clay soil resulting from white, thin, hard and chalky limestone. Rocks are broken into plates from 25 cm to 145 cm deep down.

Pouilly-Fuissé “Le Carron” (or “Le Carron”)

A monopoly vine of more than 90 years old located on Fuissé. The parcel sizes less than 0.20 hectare.

Grape variety : chardonnay 

Clay, shallow and stony soil with flints and concretions.

Beaujolais-Villages Cuvée Jules Chauvet

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